photo: Patar Pribadi / drone: Tober Hasudungan

Situated on a 5500 m² family inherited land in Depok, Indonesia, Rumah Tangga is the home of Kurt Peterson and Ella Wijt. In Indonesian language, Rumah Tangga translates literally as a house of ladders/stairs, but the term is also used to refer to a household. While it is our home first, Rumah Tangga is also an artist-run, idea-centered art space and museum.

As a structure, Rumah Tangga is an experimental and collaborative project with Jakarta architect, Eki Yousha. The home’s design was first born out of conversations between Eki and Ella, through which he learned about our vision of art and life. The resulting drafts of the home depict the space as a work of art in itself while opening a canvas for further artistic elaboration. Over the last two years we have had the privilege of watching it all come to life.

the very beginning of building, June 2017

We have recently been joined by artist Dwinanda (Nanda) Agung Kristianto as part of our curatorial team. We are open to creative practitioners of all kinds who wish to generate works which respond to the land, the home, the collection and neighborhood. Currently, we are joining with selected artists to develop their ideas here over a period of months, culminating in a public showing in the format that best suits their intentions. We also host children’s art classes, film screenings, music events, discussions, and more.

Our museum is home to an assemblage of found and handmade items including simple toys, drawings, paintings, photographs, field recordings, furniture, signs, sculpture, taxidermy, and cultural artifacts. The collection freely combines old, new, traditional, handmade, and fabricated items alongside one another. Through an open arrangement process, we highlight the various items’ origins and potential as mythological objects of the sort which continue to live and breathe, generating stories which may be told and retold according to each visitor’s experience.