Aziz Amri

“The best way to listen is when the belly is filled.”

Aziz Amri
The Last Supper
Saturday, December 14, 2019
7pm - 10pm

Aziz has been hard at work on his upcoming performance, The Last Supper, at Rumah Tangga. In this performance, Aziz will be sharing stories from his travels this past year and presenting dishes which capture the places and feelings of those tales. The meal will move from appetizer to starter, to main dish, chef’s special, dessert, and beverage, all made from scratch by the artist chef himself. Aside from cooking, Aziz is also making plates and serving dishes by hand, creating a conceptually complete dining experience.

In short, people, you don’t want to miss this. Please come out, show Aziz and your belly some well deserved love.

“Please listen to what the chef wants to say. They never get the chance to talk while you eat their delicious food. Remember that they can still spit on your food… Enjoy”


Aziz Amri is a performance artist, multimedia designer, and chef. He is also “Tetangga” – “Teman Rumah Tangga” – a friend and contributor to this space since the beginning, bringing plants, fruits, friends, food, and just a lot of good life and love to Rumah Tangga. Aziz helped establish the first garden space here, the catalyst for others which have already begun to feed family, friends, and artists in residence.

Most of all, Aziz spends his time at Rumah Tangga in the kitchen – and when Aziz is in the kitchen, you can really see cooking as an art form. You witness experimentation based on a lifetime of practice and genuine curiosity. When most people would think the kitchen is empty of ingredients, Aziz can improvise to surprising results. Through success and failure alike, his ideas and abilities grow, and his rhythm and grace while doing so show his love for his craft. Also, the guy makes spreads you could eat on just about anything. “Hell, I’d eat this on cardboard, Ziz…nyam nyam nyam…” We have officially dubbed him the Chef of Rumah Tangga as he is always here to feed our residents. We couldn’t be more grateful for his many contributions to the community of artists and friends here at RT.

Keep an eye out as well for Aziz cooking live on Instagram from Rumah Tangga. Maybe you can even throw some ingredient challenges his way!


A day out in the neighborhood, searching for ingredients and kitchen tools.
“naik apa, mas?”
“you’re not satay are you Day-Z, noooo…pat pat pat