Lisa Stertz

Rumah Tangga’s resident artist and educator, Lisa Stertz, will be available for drop-in encounters throughout the month of February.

“I’m here everyday”

Contact us if you would like to come by!



L_and Encounters

Most of us long to find inner peace and a joyful connection with ourselves, others and life. L_and Encounters provides a space to move away from the hectic pace of life and land home through self inquiry. It is a 24h investigation into the body via meditation and movement at the very locale of RT. Encounters will happen through the body; through its very abilities of receiving and giving under the premise of sensing.

February 22 (4pm) – February 23 (4pm), 2020

Cost: 200k idr per person covers food and bedding.

Spaces are limited for this encounter.

To participate, please RSVP HERE by midnight, February 19, 2020.



+ THE BODY WITHIN // 02.02,2020 +

The Body Within was a 4.5 hour workshop lead by Lisa Stertz here at Rumah Tangga, in conjunction with our Activations series, February 2, 2020.

This workshop will lead participants through exercises that start from within the body (meditation and breathing) to gain self-awareness and to raise consciousness towards (1) one/s own body, (2) one/s own body to space and (3) to other bodies.

It will investigate different performance methodologies and strategic forms for creation. Techniques will evolve from sacred and intimate spaces of human presence and identity.

Participants will move from there and create micro performances, based on their own complex identities and personal sense of body politics. 

This workshop is open to any body that would like to use their body as a tool for creative output. No pre-knowledge necessary. Everybody welcome. No one turned away.

All these exercises stem from and will include Lisa Stertz’s (embodied) knowledge in performativity, phenomenology, philosophy, media studies, visual arts, butoh, noguchi-taiso, buddhism, taiji, daoism, performing as a practice, martial arts and meditation.

photos: Alexandra Karyn


Lisa Stertz is a German artist and educator. She works in performance, sculpture, installation and video. Through her studies in media, philosophy and art she became both a savant and a maker. Her own interest in movement based practices led her to be a sojourner of Butoh, Noguchi-Taiso, Baguazhang, Taiji Quan, and meditation.

As a workshop instructor she offers methodologies to focus on a or one/s own body in order to use it as a medium and tool for (one/s) creative output; from awareness to action.

Her approach in teaching and making is nourished by her masters in the respective fields, namely Yuko Kaseki, Mari Osanai, Yunuen Rhi, Lingji Hon, Roberto Sifuentes, Ernesto Pujol Nikhil Chopra and Dieter Mersch.

For more info, check out Lisa’s Tumblr …. Vimeo …. Instagram