Makers Advisor Program

Hello, and welcome to MAP, the Makers Advisor Program. MAP is designed to assist artists and makers of all kinds develop their ideas, projects, and strategies. My name is Kurt Peterson, co-founder of Rumah Tangga, and a lifelong learner of art and creative thinking skills. Through MAP we are seeking gifted and dedicated creatives who wish to grow their practice.

Building Rumah Tangga, a home, museum, library, gardens, and education center

As a working artist myself, I am also navigating the world of daily learning and artistic practice and am familiar with its challenges. These challenges are your opportunities which we will uncover by working directly to develop your project and its final result. The ability to bring into focus your idea, concept, plan, and result, is essential in the contemporary art world. Together we will uncover strategies that work with your strengths in order to grow your confidence and output. We do this by way of dynamic conversation, creative exercises, writing, shared readings, listening, and more. We do not apply a “one-size-fits-all” formula because we know that your own process and perspectives are the keys.

Perspective is key…

Perhaps you are not currently working on a major or specific project, but would simply like to bounce ideas, ask questions, or find a way to warm up your creative practice. Maybe you simply want someone to look over your bio, CV, artist proposal, or application. MAP can help you in clarifying these kinds of documents, as well as their Bahasa/English translations.

Artists really are problem solvers. They think differently and that is both their challenge and strength. Through map our goal is for you to take away creative problem solving tools which can be used again and again.

For details, download the MAP application form found below and return to

Also, please take a look through the Rumah Tangga website if you would like to learn more about the work going on here. Also, here are links to my own artist bio, website, and CV if you would like to know more about who I am and how I might be able to contribute to your practice.

Very Best,

Kurt D. Peterson

MAP application form .pdf // MAP application form .docx